60 Years - History

In 1952 the company was founded in Bubenreuth by Heinrich Gill to distribute classical and traditional musical instruments. The company grew bigger and soon became quite successful. The first international business relations were set up during that time.

In addition to string instruments and accessories, the program also included accordions, recorders and a lot of other related goods. The small family company developed into a well known and established wholesale enterprise. The export of musical instruments was already an important part of the business.

In 1990, the company was sold to the violin maker Bernd Dimbath. New strategies for the future were set up and a new corporate structure was introduced. From this point onwards the sales activities were reduced to the violin family only, focusing on the violin makers´ highest requirements. The names of many important violin makers of the Bubenreuth region were listed and shown in the catalogue of Heinrich Gill.

Due to fundamental changes in the world market structures, Bernd Dimbath decided to create his own instrument line. The idea to make violins was born. A small workshop was established to manufacture the first prototypes and samples. This was the beginning of a new era for the company. The first instruments under the "Heinrich Gill" label were made.

In the following years a network was set up to bring together the advantages of several highly specialised workshops and a small number of master violin makers. The combination of individual style and state of the art technology guaranteed excellent quality and craftsmanship. Beautiful instruments were made - they quickly found many friends all over the world. It was the beginning of a great international success.

Today`s program varies from nicely made student instruments to individually handcrafted masterpieces, which are each a unique piece of fine art.

Today we cooperate successfully with quite a number of well known violin shops and dealers all over the world. We are proud of them and of course of our distributors.

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