The Violin Society of America 2011 Annual Convention
Baltimore, Maryland, November 3-5, 2011, USA

Instrument and bow makers gathered once again at the annual convention of the Violin Society of America. We were happy to greet many old friends and make new acquaintances. Many makers from around the globe attended and were richly rewarded with excellent presentations of expert panel discussions, critiques, and clinics. Heinrich Gill and Bernd Dimbath instruments proudly represented the best of the Bubenreuth making tradition in the exhibit hall to include over 50 different vendors. Our instruments received notable attention and praise by makers, dealers and even other exhibitors for their rich, resonant sound and expert workmanship.

Heinrich Gill - Violin Makers - Bubenreuth. String Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Double Basses; Master-, Concert- and Student Instruments

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