The Music

In all cultures on earth, music has always reflected the spirit of its time. It is a mirror of social structures, lifestyle and human creativity. It never went out of fashion, only the instruments itself and the ways to play have changed. We participate in today`s world of music by making high-quality and very individual string instruments. Our aim is to motivate and inspire both, the student and the musician.

The Musician

Great players need the best! But even a student instrument must be adjusted with the same care and attention. A student who starts playing can only refer its motivation from the success and progress. He will only continue and will have fun to make music, if the instrument offers good chances to improve. A professional teacher with innovative teaching methods is just as important as a good instrument. Today we make the instruments for the musicians of tomorrow. Quite many of them appreciate our instruments even today. They enjoy the well balanced sound, the nice appearance, the artistic craftsmanship and excellent value of our fine instruments.

String instruments

For more than 300 years, stringed instruments of extraordinary beauty and grace have been made. They enjoy a very special position in the world of music. String instruments are the heart of each orchestra, they describe the soul of the musicians. We combine these valuable traditions with contemporary production aspects. Each single instrument is made to support the intellectual task and individual requirements of the professional as well as the ambitioned amateur and the talented student. They expect a well balanced instrument, affordable, most valuable - a beautiful instrument of high quality.We are working hard to create new stylistic ideas and technical solutions, develop new production methods and constantly improve the quality of our instruments. Every instrument is checked several times to guarantee best quality before it leaves our workshop.

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